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Iowan Launching Nation-Wide Virtual Choir To Thank Teachers

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Courtesy of Donald Gee
Donald Gee is a Johnston native and civil engineering student at Georgia Tech University.

The pandemic has been incredibly hard for teachers. First, schools were closed and teachers had to learn how to teach online. Physically returning to schools, which is what all teachers ultimately want, has been fraught with frustration and many new rules and boundaries.

Through it all, teachers have been working hard to connect with and teach their students. Donald Gee is a student at Georgia Tech University, he grew up in Johnston, and he’s a big fan of teachers. Even before the pandemic, he wrote a song called, “Thank you Teachers."

Now, Gee is assembling a nation-wide virtual choir to help him bring this song to life in a new way. Anyone, no matter the skill level, can be a part of this choir to thank teachers.

If you want to be a part of this choir and thank a teacher in your life, you can fill out this form or visit donaldgee.live for more information. The deadline to submit your video and audio is this Sunday, April, 4.


  • Donald Gee, student, Georgia Tech University, Johnston native
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