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Rain Gardens, Beautiful And Functional Additions To The Landscape

Alisha Goldstein, EPA
Wikimedia Commons
Rain gardens catch rain water for plants instead of letting it run off into storm drains.

Rain gardens can control runoff, helping to keep contaminants out of streams and rivers and reducing flooding events. The gardens hold water long enough to let it soak in and, best of all, they are beautiful.

In this edition of Talk of Iowa, Josh Balk of the DNR talks with host Charity Nebbe about the benefits of rain gardens and how we can plan and plant our own. Aaron Steil, assistant director of Reiman Gardens in Ames also joins in the conversation to answer listeners' plant questions.


  • Josh Balk, watershed coordinator with the Iowa DNR
  • Aaron Steil, assistant director of Reiman Gardens in Ames


Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Katherine Perkins is IPR's Program Director for News and Talk