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How To Be A Good Neighbor

Houston Food Bank
Michael Wyke
Volunteers Rosa Hernandez, left, and Ellie Antonio, right, place cases of pre-bagged groceries from the pantry cooler onto a pallet to be taken to the drive-thru line outside at the West Houston Assistance Ministries Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, in Houston. WHAM is one of the many distribution points that gets food from the Houston Food Bank and other retail contributors to those in need around the 18 counties served by the food bank.

This has been a difficult year for all of us. More than 1 out of every 1,000 Iowans has died of COVID-19. As a state we’ve had more than 250,000 confirmed cases of the virus, but even for those who haven’t been directly affected by the pandemic, it’s been a difficult year, with financial losses, lost opportunities and isolation.

With a dark and difficult winter ahead, this edition of Talk of Iowa features ways to connect with and support our neighbors, loved ones and those who are struggling. Host, Charity Nebbe talks with guests about ways that we can reach out safely during this time and talks with Iowans who've already been working hard to build community and support others.


  • Paul Lasley, Iowa State University
  • Mary Frances Evans, executive director, IRIS
  • Willie Ray Fairley, Willie Ray's Q Shack in Cedar Rapids
  • Cam Schneider, volunteer coordinator, Supply Hive
  • Chris Adcock, administrator, Southwest Iowa COVID-19 mutual aid Facebook group
Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Rick Brewer was a producer for IPR's Talk of Iowa and River to River