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Akwi Nji's "Remoir" Project

Janko Ferlic
Baby clothes are some of the items discussed in Awki Nji's new project entitled "Remoir."

Akwi Nji is helping people tell their stories through textile memoirs using fabric remnants they've saved over time, like their grandmother's table cloth or their dad's old shirt. She's inviting people from all over the country to share their stories through "Remoir."

Nji was born in Iowa City, grew up in Cameroon and is raising her daughters in Cedar Rapids. She's also a poet, storyteller and founder of The Hook in Cedar Rapids which harnesses the power of words from page to stage. She has just launched a new project called "Remoir," a mashup of the words remnants and memoir.

Learn more about The Remoir Project here.


  • Akwi Nji, poet, artist, storyteller based in Cedar Rapids
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