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How To Tell The Difference Between The Cicada Killer Wasp And The Asian Giant Hornet

Laura Jesse Iles
Iowa State University
The cicada killer wasp. In this episode of Talk of Iowa, we learn the difference between the two different wasp including their behavior, life span and nests.

No, that's likely not a murder hornet in your backyard. On this episode of Talk of Iowa, we learn about the cicada killer wasp.

During this episode, it's horticulture day on Talk of Iowa. Producer Matt Alvarez, in for Charity Nebbe, speaks with Iowa State University entomologist Donald Lewis about the cicada killer wasp.

The large size of the wasp has prompted a busy summer for Iowa State University extension entomologists. They’ve had to identify cicada killer wasps across the state as Iowans feared the Asian giant hornet made its with to their home or yard. So far there have been no confirmed sightings of the murder hornet in Iowa. The cicada killer wasp is native to state and shows up about every summer.

· Donald Lewis, professor of entomology, Iowa State University
· Richard Jauron, horticulture specialist, Iowa State University Extension


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