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New Documentary "Journey Of A Bean" Follows Soybeans From Midwest Farm To South Korea

Freshly harvested from cropland in Illinois, a single soy bean travels the world before ending up as part of a meal in Seoul, South Korea. Its long journey through the global agricultural and food industries paints a detailed picture of the real farm to table processes.

In this edition of Talk of Iowa, David Geiger, agriculture journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host of the Agribusiness Report, joins host Charity Nebbe to explain his new documentary, "Journey of a Bean." The documentary is now streaming on YouTube. 

Geiger says he observed the beans as they were produced into a fermented soybean paste, called cheonggukjang, in South Korea. He ended up trying a dish, doenjang soup, with the paste courtesy of his Airbnb host. 

"When we as Americans go get our food, we don't think of it as coming from a farm in a lot of ways - we think of it as coming from the store," Geiger says. "There's so much more of a process when it comes to how that happens in other countries that don't have the same food options as we do." 

Guests Include:
David Geiger, Agriculture Journalist, Agribusiness Report

Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Rick Brewer was a producer for IPR's Talk of Iowa and River to River