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Planting Trees In Autumn


Early autumn can be an excellent time for planting trees, according to ISU Horticulture Professor Jeff Iles.


On this edition of ‘Horticulture Day,' Iles and Aaron Steil of Reiman Gardens in Ames join host Charity Nebbe to give tips on planting healthy trees and shrubs. Iles says that trees are now entering their prime root growth period. However, he advises against transplanting trees already in the ground at this time of year. 

Later on, Iles and Steil answer calls and emails with questions about a wide range of plants and trees.

Guests include: 

  • Jeff Iles, Professor and Chair of the Horticulture Department at Iowa State University 
  • Aaron Steil, Assistand Director of Reiman Gardens in Ames
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Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa