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Hausfrau Honeymoon: A Fairy Tale Turned to Life

Beth Howard, author of Hausfrau Honeymoon

What would you sacrifice to experience a romantic fairy tale in real life? 

During this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Beth Howard, author of Hausfrau Honeymoon: Love, Language and Other Misadventures in Germany, about adjusting to life in Stuttgart and baking pie as a way to get through grief. Howard explains how learning a new language and making sacrifices in her own career reflects the struggle that many women endure when they are in love. 

“I think every woman should have their own earning power, passion, and purpose outside of the home.” Howard says. 
The book highlights Howard’s experiences with overflowing washing machines, the right way to handle wine bottles, and adjusting to cultural norms in a new environment. 
Later in the hour, Rich Foens describes his love for shoe repair, and what his retirement means after 71 years at Smitty’s Shoe Repair in Marion. 
“I enjoy the work, but most of all I enjoy the customers and the people.” Foens says.