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Aging In Place Affects Loved Ones

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You may love your home now, but is it still going to work for you as you age?

In this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with home improvement expert Bill McAnally and former Iowa State University Extension Housing Specialist Mary Yearns about the importance of considering mobility and accessibility when it comes to aging in one's home.
Yearns explains “visit-ability,” or the accessibility of a home or building for visitors across the mobility spectrum.
“There are lots of creative ways to eliminate steps, so that people with mobility limitations can easily visit.” Yearns says. 
Yearns encourages alternatives like earth berms, which incorporate existing terrain to level an entrance surface, and discusses how to uphold the historic architecture of older homes and buildings while making a space accessible. 
Also in this hour, McAnally and Yearns describe the benefits of wider doorways and hallways, and the cost of older homes with smaller dimensions.