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24 Years Later... Kyle Munson Reflects on His Time at the Register


For the last 8 years, Kyle Munson has been telling Iowa's stories as the Iowa Columnist for The Des Moines Register. He's uncovered true gems, introduced us to fascinating characters, shown us at our best, and started conversations when we've been at our worst. Now, he's moving on. 

On this Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe talks with Munson as he prepares to leave The Des Moines Register after 24 years. They chat about Munson's career in journalism, including his years spent as a music critic. 

Despite the difficulties that come with writing about music far from busier concert cities, Munson was able to cover music giants like Paul McCartney, Bono, and Justin Timberlake.

“Iowa sometimes punches above its weight just because we’re seen as the epitome of rural America,” Munson says. "[Musicians] come all the way out here for that air of authenticity.” 

As Iowa Columnist, Munson realizes on a daily basis "the power of stories to stitch people together." He describes moments when interviewing people led to moments of catharsis in the midst of tragedy.

"My DNA is journalism for life now," Munson says. A new Iowa Columnist will carry on the mantle from Munson. "The legacy will continue," Munson says. 

Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Lindsey Moon is IPR's Senior Digital Producer