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Greetings from Iowa: IPTV and the Bobblehead Guy

Screenshot: Iowa Public Television's "Greetings From Iowa"
Bryan Guise unveils his bobblehead version of Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad

Iowa Public Television has unveiled their new digital-first series "Greetings from Iowa."  In this Talk of Iowa conversation, host Charity Nebbe talks with IPTV Producer/Director Tyler Brinegar who developed the series and IPTV's Digital Content Manager Taylor Shore.  

Brinegar says that among IPTV's programs, there is no human interest show. He says this type of production is “faster and lighter” because they throw their gear in a car, go visit someone, and let them tell their story.  
The most recent episode, "The Bobblehead Guy," tells the story of Des Moines resident Bryan Guise.  Since 2002, he has been custom-making dolls to resemble specific people.
Other episodes available now are "The Kaleidoscope Factory" out of Pocahontas, "Portrayal Mount Vernon," and "Sampradaya Dance Troupe" of Iowa City.


Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa