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Glory Days: True Stories From High School

From left: Diane LaDuke, Yun Garrison, Kedi Ochs, Lea Haravon Collins, John Paul Derryberry, Bill Casey

Glory Days was a live story telling sponsored by Iowa Watch and Iowa Public Radio. It took place in Iowa City on Saturday, April 8. 

Here are the stories in order:

Host Charity Nebbe started off the program with a story of her own about the many things that were going on beneath the surface during her high school experience.   

John Paul Derryberry talked about his "twin" Eric.  Both friends had lost their fathers at a young age.  Eric also shared the use of his handicap parking permit.

Yun Garrison had an unwelcome haircut at her all-girls school with strict rules.

Diane LaDuke was pregnant in high school and struggled through the end of her senior year.

Kedi Ochs contemplated suicide but then found a sense of belonging with a short voicemail.

Bill Casey had a tough time getting a snowmobile out of chilly waters in Mason City.

Lea Haravon Collins revisits a high school rivalry that got ugly one Halloween.  

This program originally aired on April 24, 2017

Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa