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ENCORE: Surrogacy - Stories of Love, Pain, and Giving

Emily Woodbury
Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe (left), surrogate mother Kate Duffus (middle), and psychologist Stacey Pawlak (right)

Kate Duffus is pregnant for the fourth time, but the little girl she is carrying will not be her little girl.

Today on Talk of Iowa - surrogacy as an alternative way of starting a family. Host Charity Nebbe talks with two women who have been surrogate mothers, an expectant parent, a psychologist who works with infertile couple, and a lawyer who specializes in family law.

“To have someone reach out and say, ‘Let me help you...’ I just think about how amazing that would be if someone did that for me; and so it’s very easy for me then to be able to offer that to someone else.” - Kate Duffus

*This show originally aired on Talk of Iowa on June 26, 2014.