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DNA Test Kits: Money Well Spent?


This hour, we'll look at why at least a couple of million people have paid $99 (and often lots more) to have their DNA tested to find out about their ancestry and in some cases, their family's health traits.   Leading web sites AncestryDNA.com and 23andme.com have had more than a million people each pay the fee to receive long and detailed reports on their ancestry going back usually five generations.

Guests include two Iowans who ordered the tests and learned more than they expected.   Charity speaks to Mary De La Garza of Long Grove and Karen Copp of Iowa City about how their DNA test results surprised and in one case shocked them.  Also taking part in the discussion is Bryant McAllister, Assoc. Prof. of Biology at the University of Iowa, who teaches the course "Who Are You: Revelations from the Personal Genome," and Jennifer Ewing, Executive Director of the Iowa Genealogical Society in Des Moines.

Dennis Reese is the mid-day host for Iowa Public Radio