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Making Old Thanksgiving Recipes New

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a Thanksgiving table

There are foods in every family that have to make it to the Thanksgiving table. If you want to experiment with traditional dishes, where do you start?

Katherine Perkins and Todd Dorman at "Friends Thanksgiving 2012."

According to Todd Dorman, a columnist with the Cedar Rapids Gazette, he started by cooking the turkey on the grill. “Well, we needed the space in the oven, so putting the turkey on the grill seemed like a good solution. The first time I did it, I dumped the juice from the cavity onto the coals though. I burnt part of one of my eyebrows off.”

During this Talk of Iowa interview, Charity Nebbe talks with Dorman, and his wife, Iowa Public Radio Program Director, Katherine Perkins about their friends Thanksgiving tradition. They’ve been experimenting with recipes for 15 years now, and in addition to the turkey, the most infamous tales from the holidays have to do with competition, oysters and two dueling macaroni and cheese recipes.

Later in the hour, Jan Miller, who is a food editor at the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen, and Lynn Blanchard, who directs the kitchen, join the show to talk about putting new spins on old recipes. 

Lindsey Moon is IPR's Senior Digital Producer
Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa