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Talk of Iowa
Weekdays at 10 a.m. on IPR News and News/Studio One and 9 p.m. on IPR News

Talk of Iowa brings a mix of regular guests and a range of experts to the microphone to discuss what’s happening in Iowa and what makes this a special place to live. Guests include wildlife expert Jim Pease and the Hort Day crew on Fridays.

You can call into the show while it's live from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekdays at 866-780-9100. Email the show's hosts and producers anytime at talkofiowa@iowapublicradio.org.

Talk of Iowa is hosted by Charity Nebbe. It’s produced by Dennis ReeseZachary Smith, Matthew Alvarez, and Rick Brewer. Our Executive Producer is Katherine Perkins. Our theme music is by The River Monks.

  • Host Charity Nebbe talks to two doctors about their years of testing and research to stop a disease plaguing an Iowa family. Later, a conversation with Gary Porter on his memoir, "Town Kid: Reflections of a Midwestern Boyhood."
  • How do generations get formed? What do they mean? Do they matter? A new book explores the fuzzy lines of generations and the extent to which they matter.
  • Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds called solving the child care shortage a priority in last year's Condition of the State address. What's being done to add more slots for families?
  • The singer-songwriter talks about living the artist's life in Lamoni, Iowa. Then, two high school seniors describe their journey towards politics at a divisive time in the state.
  • Iowa State University entomologist Donald Lewis joins Charity Nebbe to discuss how to prevent insects from damaging house plants during the winter. Later, Cindy Haynes of Iowa State University also joins to answer questions about the plants and trees in the lives of listeners.
  • Dr. Greg Cohen and IPR health reporter Natalie Krebs join Charity Nebbe to discuss the omicron surge in Iowa and what people can expect over the next several weeks. Later, Lisa Bluder, head coach of the University of Iowa women's basketball team, discusses the life of Christine Grant, a champion for women's equality in athletics.
  • Leo Landis of the State Historical Society of Iowa joins Charity Nebbe to talk about ways people can celebrate Iowa's 175 years of statehood. Later, Des Moines-based filmmaker Hannah Rosalie Wright discusses her career and her upcoming trilogy of short films titled "Daughters."
  • Pete Evans of Iowa State University and home improvement expert Bill McAnally join Charity Nebbe to discuss the future of 3D printed homes in Iowa. McAnally also answers home-improvement questions.
  • Josh Turek of Council Bluffs joins Charity Nebbe to discuss his professional wheelchair basketball career and his path to becoming a two-time gold medalist as a Paralympic athlete. Later, Damani Phillips of the University of Iowa jazz department talks about his latest album "No More Apologies."
  • Host Charity Nebbe shares stories of committed and inspiring teachers as told by their former students.