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The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra Is On Earth

This week’s Symphonies of Iowa features the Dubuque Symphony and their “On Earth” concert.

The performance was the Dubuque Symphony’s first concert of their 60th Anniversary Concert Season.

Virtuoso violinist Gareth Johnson joined the Dubuque Symphony for their opening concert. Gareth “travels the world as a soloist, master teacher, and educator; and is a dedicated composer and arranger of Contemporary, Classical, New Age, and Hip Hop music.” Gareth will be performing the Spring and Summer concertos from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. He also treats listeners to a wonderful hip-hop encore.

Also on the program will be Beethoven’s Pastorale Symphony and Copland’s Suite from The Tender Land. When Maestro Intriligator says that when he was creating the program, he thought back on which pieces of symphonic music have really made me feel love for the Earth over his conducting career. He hopes that Copland’s Suite from The Tender Land will make listeners “feel that almost existential feeling of being at one with nature and the earth.” He chose Beethoven’s Pastorale Symphony because he hears it as our “deeper feelings of being thankful for being alive, being grateful for the earth, being grateful for each other.”

Tune in on Sunday, May 12th at 4 p.m. and Monday, May 13th at 7 p.m. to hear this week’s Symphonies of Iowa.


COPLAND                            Suite from The Tender Land

VIVALDI                                “Spring” and “Summer” from The Four Seasons

BEETHOVEN                       Symphony No. 6 in F Major, “Pastorale”

Special Appearance

Gareth Johnson, violin

Jacqueline Halbloom is a Sr. Music Producer and Classical Music Host