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How Silicon Valley's Congressman Is Bringing Opportunities To Rural Iowa

Congressman Ro Khana represents California's 17th congressional district in the US House of Representatives. Part of his work in congress has including connecting rural Iowa to to technology internships and help bring equal access to high-speed broadband.
Eric Connolly
Congressman Ro Khanna represents California's 17th Congressional District, Silicon Valley, in the U.S. House of Representatives. Part of his work in Congress has included connecting rural Iowa to technology internships and helping bring equal access to high-speed broadband.

In Congress, he represents California, but sees part of his mission right here in Iowa. On this River to River podcast, a conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna.

Khanna represents California’s 17th Congressional District, the home to Silicon Valley. He's made part of his mission in Congress to bring the software revolution to rural Iowa. Additionally, Khanna helped establish a grant between Google and Iowa State University to help fund prairie strip research and has made several visits to both Carroll and Jefferson.


  • Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative, California's 17th Congressional District, Democrat
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