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A Look Back At The Year In Political News

Kelly Sikkema
Political scientists from Drake University and Iowa State join host Ben Kieffer to reflect on the political year 2020 as well as current political news.

It’s been a non-stop year for political news.

On this episode of River to River, host Ben Kieffer is joined by political scientists Rachel Paine Caufield and Jonathan Hassid for their take on the political year 2020. Kieffer, Caufield and Hassid also discuss breaking political news from the week as Congress works to finalize the National Defense Authorization Act and another round of COVID-19 economic stimulus.


  • Rachel Paine Caufield, professor of political science, Drake University
  • Jonathan Hassid, associate professor of political science, Iowa State University
Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River
Katelyn Harrop is a producer for IPR's River to River and Talk of Iowa