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Buena Vista University Interim President Brian Lenzmeier Brings Virology Background To Campus

Tim Gallagher
Buena Vista University
Buena Vista University Interim President Dr. Brian Lenzmeier spent the early portion of his career studying and working with viruses. He earned his doctorate in biochemistry while researching the virus that causes leukemia.

Host Ben Kieffer is joined by Buena Vista University interim President Brian Lenzmeier to talk about how his campus has been navigating the pandemic and his background in virology.

Most university presidents have not done extensive virus research like Lenzmeier who holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Colorado State University. He also completed post-doctoral research in molecular biology at Princeton University and was a visiting research fellow in the area of molecular medicine at Mayo Clinic in 2011.

During this River to River podcast, Lenzmeier talks about how Buena Vista University has adjusted for returning to in-person classes with the implementation of a smartphone app for students, using larger facilities for classes and classroom seating charts, to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and assist in contact tracing.

Tim Gallagher
Buena Vista University Interim President Dr. Brian Lenzmeier attended “The Plunge” at Peterson Field on the campus in Storm Lake on Thursday. “The Plunge” is a welcoming event whereupon representatives from dozens of BVU’s student-led clubs meet with students interested in those organizations. The event was held outdoors to help guard against the spread of COVID-19. Here, Lenzmeier visits with BVU student KayLynne Bechen, of Moville, who represented BVU’s Accounting and Business Association.


Brian Lenzmeier, interim president, Buena Vista University

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