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The Politics Surrounding A Possible COVID-19 Vaccine

Nurse administers a vaccine.
National Cancer Institute
Nurse administers a vaccine.

On this Politics Day edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer speaks with political scientists Sara Mitchell of the University of Iowa and Wayne Moyer of Grinnell College.

The discussion starts with news of President Trump downplaying the deadly coronavirus threat in Bob Woodward’s new book, "Rage," and a look at how the 2020 Election could influence the development of a COIVD-19 vaccine.

Later in the program, discussion of the president’s accusations against U.S. military leaders, the Justice Department replacing President Trump’s personal lawyers and representing him against a defamation lawsuit by author E. Jean Carroll who has accused him of raping her in the 1990s. We also get insight into what’s behind the weeks of massive protests in Belarus.


· Sara Mitchell, F. Wendell Miller Professor of Political Science at the University of Iowa

· Wayne Moyer, Rosenfield Professor and professor of political science, Grinnell College

Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River
Matthew was a producer for IPR's River to River and Talk of Iowa