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Iowa Man Identified In Famous Iwo Jima Flag-Raising Photo

Tim Rawle
Joe Rosenthal captured the iconic photograph after the Iwo Jima battle in 1945. The image has been replicated into a war memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

The Marine Corps confirmed after 74 years this month that one of the men featured in Joe Rosenthal's flag-raising photo at the battle of Iwo Jima was misidentified. A private Military historian from Johnston, Brent Westemeyer, helped reveal the true identity of one of these Marines as Harold 'Pie' Keller from Brooklyn, Iowa. 

Westemeyer joins host Ben Kieffer to discuss the discovery. He explains the details and inconsistencies from other photos and footage that led him to believe Keller was the real man depicted in the famous Iwo Jima photo.

"Harold 'Pie' Keller as I heard from Kay, his daughter, was a very humble man, a family man, a man who is committed to his community, and served in many different capacities as the fire chief of Brooklyn, Iowa for a period of time," Westemeyer says. 

Also on this 'News Buzz' edition of River to River,  IPR Reporter Katie Peikes explains the controversial pit bull ban in Sioux City and the recent city council effort to upend it, among other topics.

Guests Include:

  • Katie Peikes, IPR reporter
  • Rick Pearson, Chicago Tribune political reporter
  • Tade Ipadeola, poet and UI International Writing Program resident 
  • Brent Westemeyer, Private Military Historian
  • Tony Dehner, IPR Studio One host
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