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Steyer's Father Was A Prosecutor Of The Nuremberg Trials

Clay Masters/IPR
Steyer has long been known for this climate activism and his calls for President Trump's impeechment. Now, he's running for the presidency.

River to River's "Home State View" series helps us understand how the presidential candidates are viewed as leaders in the states they call home. Host Ben Kieffer interviews journalists who have spent years covering the candidates. We get the little-known details about each hopeful's history. Click the "play" button to listen.

Kieffer talks with Carla Marinucci, senior writer for POLITICO’s California Playbook, to learn more about American millionaire, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist and liberal activist, Tom Steyer.  Marinucci discusses Steyer’s involvement in climate change and environmental issues, his participation in California and Steyer’s “need for impeachment campaign."