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Mark Sanford Uses Both Sides Of Sticky Notes

Gage Skidmore
Despite a 2009 extramartial affair, South Carolina's first district voted him back to congress. Sanford is also a strong advocate for fiscal conservatism.

River to River's "Home State View" series helps us understand how the presidential candidates are viewed as leaders in the states they call home. Host Ben Kieffer interviews journalists who have spent years covering the candidates. We get the little-known details about each hopeful's history. Click the "play" button to listen.

National Politics Reporter Meg Kinnard of the Associated Press, who has been covering Sanford for 17 years, joins Ben Kieffer to talk about former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Kinnard highlights how Sanford handled a 2009 extramarital affair, his views on fiscal conservatism and how he thinks he will be able to make a push for the White House.