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Iowa Supreme Court Cases Deal With Minority Representation In Juries

S Kaya / Flickr
Iowa Supreme Court in Des Moines

Recently, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled on cases dealing with Iowa's 2017 collective bargaining law, the judicial nomination process, wind energy restrictions, and jury selection and representation.

In this episode of River to River, Emily Hughes, a University of Iowa law professor and associate dean for faculty and academic affairs, discusses recent cases including an effort by landowners to block a wind energy farm in Palo Alto County. She also explains how the Iowa Supreme Court has looked at the issue of jury selection and to what extent juries should mirror the demographics of the community. 

Drake University Law Professor Tony Gaughan dives into issues such as the 2017 ruling to restrict collective bargaining, the decision to justify the Dakota Access pipeline by using eminent domain, and a new law which will alter the judicial nominating process in Iowa.

Host Ben Kieffer and the law scholars also remember the late Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Arthur McGiverin, who died last Sunday at age 90.

Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River