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The Fort: 177 Years of Crime and Punishment at the Iowa State Penitentiary

This past weekend, the former Iowa State Penitentiary opened for tours to the public. Over its 177 years of operation, the prison has developed a storied history in conjunction with the Iowa legal system, including hosting a number of hangings, allowing inmates to have cameras in an attempt to promote transparency, and delicately balancing the treatment of prisoners to promote punishment without treating them inhumanely.

During this River to River interview, host Ben Kieffer talks with filmmaker Dan Mannatt about the rich history of the prison, highlighted in his new documentary, https://vimeo.com/195686255" target="_blank">The Fort: 177 years of Crime and Punishment at the Iowa State Penitentiary. You can learn more about the film and project here. 

Lindsey Moon is IPR's Digital Producer
Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River