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Walker's Trips to Iowa Affecting Wisconsin Budget Negotiations

Photo by John Pemble
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker speaks at the Lincoln Dinner as a prospective presidential candidate for the Republican party.

Sorting out Iowa’s state budget for fiscal year 2016 has been contentious, specifically where K-12 education is concerned. In Wisconsin, they’re facing the same issue, with a governor who is gearing up for a possible presidential run.

“That’s been a favorite line of state Democrats this session, ‘Well, we could ask Governor Walker about this if he were here,’” says Wisconsin Public Radio Statehouse Reporter Shawn Johnson.

During this River to River program, host Emily Woodbury talks with Johnson about how Gov. Walker's possible run for president has been affecting state politics. He's been criticized in Wisconsin for his travel schedule and frequent trips to Iowa this session. 

We also get check in with Amanda Vinicky, Statehouse Bureau Chief for WUIS in Springfield, to find out how their state’s new governor, Bruce Rauner, is trying to "turnaround" the state and dig Illinois out of more than $100 billion in debt. Marshall Griffin, State Capitol Reporter for St. Louis Public Radio, also joins the conversation to talk about how the suicide of Missouri’s state auditor cast a cloud over this year’s legislative session. 

Lindsey Moon is IPR's Senior Digital Producer