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Nuns and Nudes

It’s not every day that you see those two words together, but the Dubuque Museum of Art pulls it off with class.

Their exhibit “Just to Live is Holy” showcases works by internationally-known artists such as Sister Corita Kent, in addition to local artists such as Louise Kames, professor or art and Chair of the Art and Art History Department at Clarke University. Their art, along with the other artists, ranges from traditional to abstract, and in every medium imaginable.

Each of these artists has made a “unique contribution to our understanding of the relationship between art and faith and the importance of social justice.”

The Dubuque Museum of Art’s exhibition runs through January 6th and features the works of more than a dozen artists who are affiliated with three religious congregations in Dubuque. The three religious orders providing artworks for the DuMA’s exhibition are the PBVM Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, BVM Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.

Iowa Public Radio joins in celebrating the rich artistic talent found in these Dubuque religious orders and on display at the Dubuque Museum of Art with Stacy Peterson, Associate Curator and Registrar of the Dubuque Museum of Art.

For more information, visit http://dbqart.com/special_exhibition/just-to-live-is-holy-women-religious-and-a-tradition-of-art-faith-and-justice/

Jacqueline Halbloom is a Sr. Music Producer and Classical Music Host