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You asked about that "I know Barney Sherman" spot... here's the story!

Barney Sherman

A number of you have asked about the Spring Silent Drive spot featuring some of IPR's youngest supporters:

We're happy to share the back story. It starts with IPR Arts and Culture reporter John Pemble, who recorded the interviews at an open house at our Des Moines headquarters. Then, IPR correspondent and Iowa radio legend Rick Fredericksen edited the audio and voiced the brief narration. But the biggest question we've been hearing is, Who is that at the end?

In the spot, he identifies himself as Jens, and we can add that he's the son of Drake University's world-class violin professor Sarah Plum. When she played a recital in our Cedar Falls studio, which Barney hosted, Sarah brought Jens along.  

Jens also made fast friends with IPR's engineer extraordinaire, Phil Maass. And who wouldn't geek out over the huge mixing board they're sitting at?

Barney Sherman

Of course, you might find yourself wanting to hear the music Sarah and Francine played. Phil captured it in superb sound, and you can hear one of the pieces at this link.

Barney Sherman is a Senior Music Producer and Classical Music Host