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Bon voyage, Curt Snook! - A farewell interview


 For three decades,  Curt Snook shared with Iowa the music he loves, plus a trove of fascinating facts, insights, ideas, and stories. Curt reached retirement on Tuesday, but after his last air shift stayed in the studio a little longer to chat with me (and all of us) about his life and career. What a pleasure it was!  To hear the audio, click on the arrow below.  You'll learn: how Curt came to music and then radio; what Iowa has meant for him and his wife and sons; his connections with jazz and folk as well as classical music; what kind of music he'll be making in the future; some of his thoughts on the medium of radio; and more! I think of it as lovely coda to an inimitable career, and a rare chance to ask a consummate broadcaster - who has made an extraordinary contribution to our state - about his own life and work. 

Barney Sherman is a Senior Music Producer and Classical Music Host