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River to River is Iowa Public Radio's talk program focusing on the news, issues and events in our state. This national award-winning program goes beyond the headlines, frames community problems, and fosters conversation. On Mondays during the legislative session, join in conversations with lawmakers and those impacted by action at the Statehouse.  Wednesdays, political analysts from around the state help you dissect the week in politics.  Fridays we buzz through the week’s big news stories.

River to River is hosted by Ben Kieffer @IPRBen.  It’s produced by @RickBrewerIPR and @KatelynHarrop. Our Executive Producer is Katherine Perkins. Our theme music is by The River Monks.

Members of the state Board of Education have received an update on the condition of community colleges. Enrollment numbers have continued to spike and the 15 state institutions are struggling to deal with budget cuts and one-time federal stimulus funds at a time when more displaced workers are seeking new employment skills. We discuss the report with Steve Ovel of Kirkwood Community College. Later in the hour, a conversation with Johnston High School teacher Sarah Brown Wessling, a finalist for the National Teacher of the Year award.

Copyright Criminals

Jan 20, 2010

The practice of remixing existing bits and pieces of sound to create new music is a central component of hip-hop and other musical forms. But, recycling someone else’s music without permission is also copyright Infringement. Ben Kieffer talks with U of I Associate professor Kembrew McLeod and UI alum Benjamin Franzen about their documentary film "Copyright Criminals" which examines this ongoing debate.


Jan 19, 2010

ISU Associate Professor of Anthropology, Jill Pruetz and Dr. Ben Beck, Conservation Director of the Great Ape Trust of Iowa discuss chimp research and findings.

Jeneane Beck talks about Governor Culver's push for government reorganization. Guests in the first half of the program include State Representative Mary Mascher and State Senator Randy Feenstra. Then, Governor Culver discusses reorganizaion and other legislative priorities.

Ben Kieffer talks with U of I Emergency Room Dr. Christopher Buresh. Dr. Buresh recently returned from Haiti, and is now collecting relief supplies to take on a return trip. Then, author Ethan Watters talks about his book, "Crazy Like Us," in which he contends the U.S. is changing the sypmptoms and prevalence of mental illness around the world.

Children's Issues

Jan 14, 2010

We talk with panelists at an upcoming Drake University Conference focusing on children's issues, including childhood obesity and growing up during wartime.

Bob Dorr Reflections

Jan 13, 2010

Legendary IPR Bluesman Bob Dorr reflects on his career at IPR as he prepares for a his "kind-of" retirement.

IPR's Ben Kieffer talks with representatives from Iowans for Tax Relief, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry and others for reaction to Governor Culver's Condition of the State speech.

Session Preview

Jan 11, 2010

IPR's Jeneane Beck talks with legislative leaders about what to expect from the upcoming session.

Ben Kieffer talks with individuals who have offered their compelling stories in the new book, 'Voices of Multiple Sclerosis'. The book offers candid, heartfelt, and inspiring testimonials of 40 diverse individuals who have been affected by the crippling disease. Among the guests is Dr. Terry Wahls of Iowa City, who overcame secondary progressive MS through intensive nutrition and exercise coupled with electrical stimulation.