What's On Your Daily Soundtrack?

Jun 16, 2015

Lindsey Moon
Credit Clare Roth

Name: Lindsey Moon

Job: I'm a producer at IPR, which means that I help brainstorm and research ideas for the shows and stories you hear on the air. Lots of the people who have conversations with Ben Kieffer or Charity Nebbe during "River to River" or "Talk of Iowa" spoke with me first.  

What was the very last thing you listened to today? Be honest!

"Your Party" by Ween

What album have you been listening to a lot lately?

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band's 2008 album "Put It In the Alley." They cover B.B. King's "I Like to Live the Love"; it's one of my favorite covers of all time. RIP B.B.

What is your favorite song today?

"Taro" by alt-J

What is your least favorite song right right now? 

"Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. It's an earworm and I can't stand getting it stuck in my head.

What is your current musical guilty pleasure?

"No Diggity" by Blackstreet. I was reminded of the song during the Burning Man event I attended recently for a story. I've been jamming to it ever since. 

See story here: http://iowapublicradio.org/post/burning-man-puts-down-midwestern-roots#stream/0

Florence Welch of Florence The Machine
Credit Zackery Michael

Favorite new release from the last 30 days?

"Delilah" by Florence + The Machine

Last concert you attended?

Caroline Smith at The Mill in Iowa City. I'm a total fangirl of hers. She finished her set with an acoustic version of a song off her newest album "Half About Being a Woman." It was magical. 

Favorite concert you've ever attended?

The Black Keys with Florence + The Machine and Cage the Elephant at Summerfest 2011 in Milwaukee. The show was outstanding and when it let out, O.A.R. was just finishing their set at one of the free stages. We heard them start playing "Hey Girl," ran to the sound, jumped onto some bleachers and started dancing. It's my favorite memory from college. 

First concert you went to?

Hmm. I am fairly certain my first live concert was LeAnn Rimes at the Iowa State Fair. I was still in elementary school and went with my mom, twin sister and some friends. 

Do you remember the first album you ever owned?

The "Space Jam" soundtrack. I bought it on CD with birthday money when I was in third grade, and I still have it. Lola Bunny is my spirit animal.

Who is an artist you know you're supposed to like, but you just don't?

Wilco. I know, I know. I've tried. I'm just not into it. 

Where is your favorite location to listen to music?

Laying in the grass in the sunshine or in a crowded dive bar with everyone grooving.

Do you play any instruments? Are you in a band?

I used to play the tenor saxophone. I have a huge soft spot for anything with a sax in it. I can only wish I could be cool enough to be in a band. I settle for being an avid concert goer.

If you could be any musician for a day, who would it be?

Jimmy Page during Led Zeppelin's 1973 North American Tour when they played Madison Square Garden. I've always wondered what it would be like to be talented enough to compose and play the live version of "Over the Hills and Far Away." 

Hawthorne Heights
Credit Hawthorne Heights Facebook

What is the weirdest way you ever discovered an artist/song?

Total transparency: I went through a screamo/metal phase. After a cross country practice, "Ohio is for Lovers" by Hawthorne Heights came on in my high school weight room, and I wanted to know what the song was. I remember opening and promptly closing the door at the sight of several senior boys. I snuck in after everyone had vacated to "borrow" the CD. 

I hear you host a music show on KRUI in Iowa City. Tell us about it.

I do! It's called "Origin Unknown". Emily Woodbury, also a producer at IPR, asked me if I wanted to host a show with her as a way to discover new music, learn some history and get more comfortable being live and on the air. I'm a huge blues fan, so that seemed like a pretty natural theme for the show. We operate under the guise "blues, soul and the best make-out music of the 1960s and 1970s." We're currently in a summer hiatus, but we'll be back soon from 6-7 p.m. on 89.7 in Iowa City.