Western Iowa Tech Community College Welcomes Students From South Korea, Brazil and Chile

Sep 9, 2019

A community college in western Iowa is reaching out to countries around the world and bringing international students to the area.

Terry Murrell is the president of Western Iowa Tech Community College. He says the school is the only one in North America where South Korea sends students. 

"We’re kind of the Harvard of South Korea, if you will, so if you go to any of the schools in South Korea, the hardest shirt to get is a Western Iowa Tech shirt over Harvard and some of the other schools."

This year, the school accepted 80 students from Brazil and Chile to study culinary arts and robotics. Murrell says those students are on J-1 visas, which allow them to study and work for 18 months. Then, they go back home.

Murrell spoke with River to River host Ben Kieffer about Western Iowa Tech Community College's international-student programs and about some of the college's latest news.