Welcoming Wildlife Into Gardens And Landscapes

Nov 22, 2019

ISU Extension Wildlife Specialist Adam Janke joins this weekly 'Horticulture Day' edition of Talk of Iowa with host Charity Nebbe.  He explains how to transform a landscape into a wildlife-friendly space. He says diversifying your yard with a water source, dead logs and branches, rocks, and native plant species will help entice a range of wildlife from birds to salamanders to deer.

Later on, DNR Forester Mark Vitosh and ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist Richard Jauron answer questions from callers across Iowa about the animals, plants, and trees in their lives. 

Guests include:

  • Adam Janke, ISU extension wildlife specialist
  • Mark Vitosh, Department of Natural Resources forester
  • Richard Jauron, ISU extension horticulture specialist