Weather's Effect On Struggling Trees

Oct 25, 2019

Iowa's rapidly changing range of weather conditions can pose a challenge for many types of trees. 

On this weekly 'Horticulture Day' edition of Talk of Iowa, ISU Horticulture Professor Jeff Iles and ISU Horticulture Extension Specialist Richard Jauron describe the toll last winter and spring has had on many trees across the state. 

Since wet conditions promote a variety of tree diseases, Iles recommends planting trees that are known to withstand adverse conditions, such as choosing a bald cyprus tree for a flood plain. 

Later on, Jauron and Iles offer specific advice on taking care of the plants and trees in the lives of callers across Iowa. 


  • Jeff Iles, ISU professor of horticulture
  • Richard Jauron, ISU extension horticulture specialist