Using Art To Address The Climate Change Crisis

Justin Brice Guariglia gave up photojournalism to pursue environmental activism a few years ago. Today, he is most well known for his large scale photographic, sculptural and installation-based works inspired by the relationship between the earth and humans. He uses art to try and get his point across that humans are having a negative impact on the planet. 

In 2018, Guariglia put up solar-powered LED signs with messages warning about climate change at the Navy Pier in Chicago, as part of his “We Are The Asteroid II” project.

In 2019, he used LED signs at the Somerset House in the U.K., featuring quotes from international authors and writers about the ecological crisis. Versions of “We Are The Asteroid” have also been shown in Aspen, Houston and across New York City. 

Guariglia is presenting a lecture, "We Are The Asteroid: Art and the Ecological Crisis" at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13, in Lang Hall Auditorium at University of Nothern Iowa. 


  • Justin Brice Guariglia, artist