Under the Golden Dome: Objections 3/30/2018

Mar 30, 2018

On Monday, Gov. Kim Reynolds talks about firing the Director of Iowa Finance Authority, Dave Jamison.  She says he was terminated for credible allegations of sexual harassment.  She reiterates her zero tolerance policy, but reveals very little about the allegations due to privacy concerns for the victims.

In November, Reynolds said a Senate Republican report about past sexual harassment should reveal additional information about past claims while protecting personal information.  Reporters ask the governor how not releasing information related to Jamison is different. 

The Democratic Party filed a Freedom of Information Act request about the governor's correspondence with the Iowa Finance Authority concerning harassment and the director's termination. They say her actions are a departure from how she has approached sexual harassment among her other political allies.

This is an election year for every seat in the House, half in the Senate, and the office of governor.  Two weeks ago anyone running as a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian had to file nomination papers with the Secretary of State.  A one week period follows where an objection can be made toward any candidate if it can be proven there is a problem with the petitions.

A three member State Objection Panel heard challenges for seven candidates, an unusually high number of according to Secretary of State Paul Pate.  On our show, we listen to two objections. One is for House District 56, where a candidate collected signatures to run as a Republican while he was still a Democrat.  The other is about Ron Corbett's gubernatorial candidacy.  Enough of his signatures are challenged to disqualify him from running on the Republican ballot.  He is eight signatures short.

The House takes up a bill passed by the Senate that will impose still penalties for infrastructure sabotage.  The one size fits all penalty is considered a problem by critics.  This bill would include penalties for damage to many utilities including the newly installed Dakota Access Pipeline, which runs through Iowa.