Under the Golden Dome: Leaving Late 4/20/2018

Apr 20, 2018

Every seat in the House and half in the Senate are up for reelection later this year.  Twenty-two legislators are choosing not to come back.  In the final days of a general assembly, many give "retirement" speeches on the floor. This week Wally Horn, Bob Dvorsky, Mark Chelgren, and Rick Bertrand are honored with Senate resolutions. 

In the House, those leaving aren't presented with resolutions, but they are given the floor to address their colleagues. Clel Baudler is the only representative to do so this week, but it's expected a dozen others will take advantage of this opportunity soon.

There seems to be a lot of time between now and the last day of the session because the tax plan and Fiscal Year 2019 budget are still being written.  The House and Senate are reconciling their different plans behind closed doors, and the process could take anywhere from one to three weeks before adjournment.

For now, this show is taking a pause or as legislators would say it is being differed. There will be one more episode that comes out soon after the 87th General Assembly is complete.