Under the Golden Dome: Intentions and Conditions 1/12/2018

Jan 12, 2018

This is the beginning of the 2018 session where legislative leaders lay out their intentions.

During the opening week, party leaders speak about their goals.  Republican praise their work from last year and intend to support the governor’s new tax code for Iowa.  Only a few details are revealed about a tax code changes, and the governor says the process may take several years.

The Republicans want to add more skills to Iowa’s workforce through post high school education, and Democrats agree. However, they warn every dollar cut from higher education results in higher tuition, and more debt for Iowans who want to improve their skills.

Two weeks before the session, Morning Edition host Clay Masters visited Governor Kim Reynolds at the Capitol.  This show features their conversation where she reflects on her first few months in office and what she wants to accomplish in 2018.

During Governor Reynolds first Condition of the State, she reiterated zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace. She also says mistakes were made in how the state privatized Medicaid, but she still believes managed care is the right decision for Iowa.  The show closes with several highlights from her 43 minute speech, delivered to a joint session.

Program Highlights

Swearing  in of new legislators

House majority leader Chris Hagenow’s opening day remarks

Senate majority leader Bill Dix’s opening day remarks

House minority leader Mark Smith’s opening day remarks

Senate minority leader Janet Petersen’s opening day remarks

Senator David Johnson’s Independent point of view

Clay Masters’ interview with Governor Reynolds

Highlights from Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State