Under the Golden Dome: Changes Recommended 1/19/2018

Jan 19, 2018

The beginning of the session is a good opportunity for groups to present their recommendations to lawmakers.  On Wednesday morning, veterans’ organizations came to the Capitol for that purpose. Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs chair, Dan Gannon, talks with us about three of them: a bill to mandate the POW / MIA flag be flown at state buildings on designated holidays, instill Americanism and Patriotism in grades K - 12, and encourage the judicial branch to expand Veteran’s Treatment Courts.

Former senate president Mary Kramer talks about her report concerning sexual harassment at the Capitol.  Her report indicates not much has changed she was a senator years ago.

Department of Human Services director Jerry Foxhoven appears in front of many panels to ease lawmakers concerns about the still-troubled rollout of privatized Medicaid, and the deaths of two children who were in foster care.

Program highlights

Dan Gannon, Americanism and Patriotism in K – 12 education.

Dan Gannon, POW / MIA flag on all state buildings during designated holidays.

Rep. Steven Holt, POW flag can’t be below the Iowa flag

Dan Gannon, Veterans’ Treatment Courts

Chief Justice Mark Cady, Supports Problem-Solving Courts

Former senate president Mary Kramer, Report on sexual harassment at the Capitol

Department of Human Services director Jerry Foxhoven, Medicaid

Foxhoven, Targeted Child Welfare Review