Troopers Warn Drivers To Be Alert For Large Farm Equipment

Apr 25, 2019

A central Iowa farmer prepares his field for planting. He moved the tractor and his equipment along the road from his home in the background.
Credit Pat Blank /IPR

As the spring planting season hits full speed, state public safety officials are asking motorists to check their own speed as they approach over-sized farm equipment on the road.

Iowa Highway Patrol Sgt. Nate Ludwig said traditional cars and trucks are no match for the agricultural machinery, which often weighs several tons. He said attempting to get around them could be dangerous.

"They think they start to make that pass and they do it before the yellow line they’re fine," he said. “Then they meet a car at the top of a hill coming the other direction which always results in a bad situation."

Ludwig reminds motorists planting season runs 24 hours and huge equipment is often moved between fields at night. He said farmers need to share responsibility by making sure it’s obvious when they’re going to turn or come to a sudden stop.