Student Group Honored For Spreading Kindness

Joyology is a student-run club created by a group of Carlisle middle schoolers that focuses on generating positivity. The members try to spread kindness by writing kind messages on sticky notes and posting them on students' lockers, sponsoring kindness challenges to encourage other students to do acts of service and much more. 

In this episode of Talk of Iowa,  host Charity Nebbe talks with Addeline Morlan, Emily Reid, and Madelynn McFadden--the founders of Joyology, and Carlisle middle school counselor Ben Barry, about their mission to spread positivity, acceptance, joy, and kindness. They'll be carrying their mission into high school next year.

The group is receiving a 2019 Iowa Character Award as the student organization of character from the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University.