State Lawmaker Charged With Drunken Driving

Oct 10, 2019

State Rep. Scott Ourth has been charged with drunken driving after a weekend arrest in northwest Iowa.

Ourth is a Democrat from Ackworth, representing part of Warren County south of Des Moines. According to a complaint filed in Cherokee County, police on Saturday night saw a truck with its headlights off.

Police report Ourth smelled of alcohol and had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

In a statement, Ourth said he made a "terrible mistake."

"I am profoundly embarrassed by my actions and accept full responsibility," Ourth said. "With support from my family, friends, and faith community, I'm meeting this situation head-on and taking the necessary steps to address this issue to make sure it never happens again, which includes professional counseling." 

Ourth is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 28.