Sources: the "Best-Classical-of-2016" Lists Used in This Year's Meta-Mega-List

Mar 3, 2017

Since 2014, I've collected every best-classical-releases-of-the-year lists I could find online, entered their choices into a spreadsheet, hit "sort," and published the results as a "mega-meta-list" (with a tip of the hat to econoblogger Tyler Cowen, whose "Fanfare Meta-List" gave me the idea in the first place). This year, I found more sources than ever, a total of 70, since Google Translate let me use lists from 10 languages other than English. You can read the results in three parts:  Part 1 (the albums that made 10 or more lists), Part 2 (albums of "mavericks," plus interesting pairings, that made 4-9 lists) and Part 3 (albums of classics that won 4-9 votes), but this post is a footnote, with all 70 of the lists I aggregated:

  1. (US)

  2. American Record Guide (Anglosphere, 27 reviewers)

  3. Apple Music (US)

  4. Arkiv Classical (US)

  5. ArtsFuse (US, Jonathan Blumenhofer)

  6. Audiophilia (Canada, Andrew Kershaw)

  7. Bay Area Reporter (US, Tim Pfaff)

  8. BBC Music Magazine awards nominees (UK)

  9. Big City Blog (US)

  10. Boston Globe (US, Zoe Madonna)

  11. CBC (Canada, three staff members)

  12. Chicago Tribune (US, John van Rhein)

  13. Classical Candor (US, John Puccio)

  14. Classical Dark Arts (US, Will Roseliep)

  15. Classical Review (US, Charles Downey)

  16. Classic FM (UK)

  17. ClassiqueNews (France, Alban Deags)

  18. Colorado Public Radio (5 staff members)

  19. Dagens Nyheter (Sweden, 4 reviewers)

  20. Diapason (France)

  21. Echo Klassik (Germany)

  22. Estonian Music Awards (Estonia)

  23. Europa disc (UK)

  24. Fanfare Magazine Want Lists (US, 47 reviewers)

  25. Five:Four (US, Simon Cumming)

  26. Fool in the Forest (US, George Wallace)

  27. Forbes (US, Jens F. Laurson)

  28. FranceMusique (France, 10 reviewers)

  29. Ted Gioia (US)

  30. Gramophone (UK)

  31. Grammy nominations (US, hundreds of anonymous panelists)

  32. Guardian (UK, Andrew Clement)

  33. Haaretz (Israel, Amir Mandil)

  34. Herald Scotland (Scotland, Kate Molleson)

  35. Imusic (Denmark)

  36. ICI Musique (Canada)

  37. International Classical Music Awards (Pan-European)

  38. Iowa Public Radio (me)

  39. KlassikAkzent (Germany)

  40. Kultura Liberalna (Poland, two writers)

  41. Limelight (Australia)

  42. Log Journal (US, Steve Smith)

  43. Marginal Revolution (US, Tyler Cowen)

  44. Musical Toronto (US, Paul E. Robinson)

  45. Musicophilesblog (US, one anonymous author)

  46. MusicWeb International (Anglosphere, 27 writers)

  47. Napster (US, one writer)

  48. National Public Radio's Deceptive Cadence (US, Tom Huizenga)

  49. New Yorker (US, Alex Ross)

  50. New York Times (US, four critics)

  51. New Zealand Herald (NZ, William Dart)

  52. NRC (Netherlands, two reviewers)

  53. Opera News (US, four reviewers)

  54. Opera Ramblings (Canada, one reviewer)

  55. El Pais (Spain and Latin American editions)

  56. Philadelphia Inquirer (US, David Patrick Stearns)

  57. Politics and Prose Bookstore (US)

  58. Presto Classical (UK)

  59. Radio Romania Musical (Romania)

  60. Readings (Australia)

  61. Sandals Audio (Japan)

  62. Second Inversion (US, one author)

  63. Sirius FM (US)

  64. Sunday Baroque (US, Suzanne Bona)

  65. Sunday Times of London (UK, Hugh Canning)

  66. Telerama France (France, Sophie Bourdans)

  67. Voix des Arts (USA)

  68. Volkrants (Netherlands)

  69. Words and Music (US, B. A. Nilsson)

  70. Die Zeit (Germany)