SOI Presents: wcfsymphony’s “Bernstein @ 100”

Apr 25, 2018

This week’s Symphonies of Iowa features wcfsymphony’s “Bernstein @ 100” concert.

Leonard Bernstein at work

The concert celebrates one of America’s greatest musicians and his inspiring legacy. Experience a wide array of music from every genre explored by Bernstein interwoven with imagery and sound of him at work. The culmination of collaborations with a host of community organizations, this special concert will also include the Northern Iowa Youth Orchestra, University of Northern Iowa Children’s Choir and other guest artists. Don’t miss this week’s Symphonies of Iowa broadcast on Sunday, April 29th at 4 p.m. and again on Monday, April 30th at 7 p.m.!


Bernstein – A Wonderful Town, Overture

Bernstein – Halil with Claudia Anderson

Bernstein – A Quiet Place, Suite

Bernstein – Mass, Gloria Tibi

Bernstein – Mass, Meditation no. 3 with Isaac Pastor-Chermak

Bernstein – West Side Story, Symphonic Dances