Senator Hears Iowans' Concerns About Healthcare Costs

Apr 18, 2017

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley is holding meetings around the state during the April recess. In a session with farmers, he heard complaints about health insurance premiums and deductibles continuing to climb. Grassley says the recent news that two companies will stop selling individual policies in the state, and the failure to get a new healthcare law signed, also concern him.

“Republicans better get cranked into action and not do like the House of Representatives did three weeks ago,” Grassley says. “Get something passed and get it to the president and get it signed so that these insurance companies have some certainty and they stay in business and are willing to do business through the exchanges.”

Grassley says he’d like to hear from the insurance companies if they have specific ideas about how Congress could help them stay in the Iowa individual market.

The senator’s reference to the exchanges, which were created by Obamacare, may suggest he expects that part of the law to stay in place. Republicans have pledged to repeal and replace the landmark healthcare law.