Self-Driving Cars: No Longer Science Fiction

May 29, 2014

Decades ago, researchers dreamed about cars that could park themselves and avoid accidents. And now, it’s no longer science fiction.

Today on River to River, a look at the latest transportation-related news. We look at modern advances to our transportation systems, including self-driving cars, an update on the controversy surrounding traffic cameras in Iowa, the effects of cannabis on a driver, the hazards of all-terrain vehicles, and efforts by the Iowa DNR to crack down on drinking while driving on the water.

And, we asked listeners - What pet peeves on the road do you wish we had a technological fix for? Read some listener responses below.


Erin - "I wish there was a tech fix for drivers who fail to use turn signals."

Facebook posts:

Evan - "Tailgaters."

Mark - "Find a way to make people use the left lane (on four lane highways) as a passing lane only. Many people use it as a place to "park" so they don't have to change lanes for slow or merging traffic."

Paula - "The interchange at I-380 and I-80. VERY dangerous!"

James - "I am eagerly anticipating the day that technology renders problems created by 1) inattentive drivers and 2) inconsiderate drivers non-existent. Be it driving too slowly in the passing lane on freeways, not giving enough space to other vehicles to merge in traffic jams, or taking extra seconds to get the foot off the brake at stop lights, humans are **terribly inefficient** and generally unsafe drivers."

David - "I would love to see a mechanism that would prevent tailgating - if a car behind you got too close relative to speed, its engine would automatically reduce power."

Drew - "People who drive in the passing lane unaware of the purpose of the lane and the flow of traffic around them."

Matthieu - "Automatic turn signals when the wheel is turned and said signal ought to have been used; accompanied by gentle voice chastising of driver."