Reynolds: University of Iowa Doctors Will Review Treatment At Glenwood Center

Dec 11, 2019

Physicians from the University of Iowa will go to the Glenwood Resource Center to review residents’ health and their treatment charts, according to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating allegations of mistreatment at the center operated by the Department of Human Services, which cares for Iowans with intellectual disabilities. A Des Moines Register investigation revealed that state employees repeatedly raised concerns over an increase in injuries and deaths there.

Reynolds said state officials had reviewed procedures at the Glenwood center and another facility under investigation in Woodward, but didn’t go far enough.

“It is not acceptable, it is not adequate and we are making changes,” Reynolds said. “And I am optimistic about the opportunity to provide not only the residents at Glenwood the resources and the environment they deserve, but I am really looking forward to doing that throughout the department.”

DHS director Kelly Garcia told the state Council on Human Services that the agency wants outside physicians to review practices in Glenwood “to make sure we have highly-trained individuals who can start to look at the care that’s being delivered at the facility and give us a peer-reviewed, objective assessment of whether it falls within the standard of care.” Garcia said some of the Department of Justice allegations involve substandard medical and nursing care.

A fact-finding team from DHS was sent to Glenwood to begin assessing conditions for residents shortly after DHS learned of the federal investigation, Garcia said. The superintendent of the center, Jerry Rea, was placed on administrative leave Monday.