Revival Of Terrace Hill Pool

Jul 8, 2016

A striking restoration project has been completed at Terrace Hill. The governors' residence now features a reflecting pool.

Originally an outdoor swimming pool dating back to the 1920s, it may have been the first private pool in Des Moines.  It was filled in and went largely unnoticed for decades, but donations were secured to revive this piece of lost history which is now clearly visible during public tours of the old Hubbell Mansion. 

"There's a curved gutter that's original that we left for the historical purposes and then we kind of build an infinity pool within the middle of it, so now we have a reflecting pool that's 18 inches deep," said Diane Becker, an administrator at Terrace Hill.

The dark blue pond, with its original stone bathhouse, will sparkle next week when over 300 VIPs attend a reception during the National Governor's Association.