The Rainbow Painted House In Cedar Rapids



There is a house on 8th Ave. SW in Cedar Rapids that's been turning heads. It’s a property that had been in bad shape, known as a local drug house and blight on the neighborhood.

The house was purchased last June by Gutschmidt Properties in Cedar Rapids and has been fully renovated and painted in a surprising way. The house looks like a giant Pride flag—it has all the colors of the rainbow, including black and brown, representing the LGBTQ community. 


In this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks with Eric Gutschmidt and Sandy Locke of Gutschmidt Properties to discuss the story behind this colorful, redesigned home and the vision for its future. 


Guest include:

  • Eric Gutschmidt, owner of Gutschmidt Properties
  • Sandy Locke, operations director of Gutschmidt Properties